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Manitoba's Interlake Region is one of the finest  waterfowl hunting areas in North America. The valley extends for hundreds of miles and is a prime agricultural area.  Geese and ducks feed on the thousands of acres of soybean and wheat prior to continuing their southward migration.  North Star guides will put our hunters in the best hunting situation and take you to the birds.  


The morning goose hunting is done in pits or lay outblinds and the afternoon duck hunting is done in a blind boat in the marsh. We specialize in refuge goose hunts around Oak Hammock Refuge and guided duck hunts in the Netley Marsh. 


The Oak Hammock Refuge, also the Canadian Ducks Unlimited Center, is just north of Winnipeg.  The Netley Marsh is off the Red River just south of Lake Winnipeg.    We also offer the opportunity to field hunt ducks in the afternoon.  The majority of geese harvested are Greater Canadas.  The Netley Marsh will offer multiple species of ducks.

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