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  1. Where will I be hunting and who will I be hunting with?

You will be hunting with your guide-Stan Guse, and your group.  The morning goose hunts will be at our privately owned field near Stonewall, Manitoba.  The afternoon duck hunts will be tailored to your liking.  We have access to the Netley Marsh via blind boat or stubble fields around Oak Hammock Marsh.

  1. If I am flying into Winnipeg early in the morning to late at night, where do I stay?

If we are unable to meet you at the airport, there are many hotels nearby to stay.  We can make any necessary arrangements you may need.

  1. What do I need to cross into Canada?

The best identification to have when crossing into Canada is a US passport.  Passports are required when crossing back into the US.

  1. Can I bring my dog?

Sure, just make sure you have a current vaccination report from your vet for crossing the border.

  1. Can I bring a shotgun into Canada?

Yes, but please follow these instructions.  In order to save time at the border, Canadian authorities recommend that visitors complete the appropriate form -- but do not sign it - and make two copies of the completed form before arriving at the Port of Entry. Requests made at the border for photocopies of the form may be denied. Full details on this policy are available at the Canadian Firearms Centre website in the Visitors/Non-Residents section.  When you arrive at the border, the paperwork will be check  against the serial numbers.

  1. What should I bring?

Bring warm layering clothes, gear for rainy weather, waterproof boots, hats and gloves

if desired. The mornings will be near freezing, and the days will range between

40-50 degrees.  You can check out the extended forecasts at this weather link:     

  1. What do I do about my license?

When you arrive and meet up with your guide, he will take you to a licensing venue.  Please make sure you have your Hunter Safety card with you.


                               Frequently Asked Questions

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